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About I'm Ready Pro gun and tactical T-Shirts

How It Started

Women shooting shirts

Shortly after shooting my first gun my enthusiasm ignited my creativity. So when I couldn't find  gun shirts that were made for women, I simply started designing patriotic shirts and tactical clothing made just for women who love the Second Amendment. Now we are the #1 online store to buy pro-gun shirts for women. Be sure to join https://www.facebook.com/groups/ImReadypro/

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women's range shooting shirt

I work with seasoned female shooters to create designs that resonate with women pro-gun shooters. Promoting safety, gun training, Second Amendment and other patriotic themes. Gun t-shirts and tactical clothing has always been made for the pro-gun male shooters, it was time us ladies have access to patriotic shirts that were better than anything on Amazon.  I wanted the highest quality printing on the  most durable comfortable fabric made for gun athletes today. They look beautiful and move with you when you are shooting at the range.

Superior Quality

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Each of our dye-sublimated Women shooter jersey's are printed on micropolyester (LIGHT).  Then sewn to order. This ultra thin and silky smooth fabric has the artwork dyed into it so it won’t fade and the fabric doesn’t shrink. It moves with you so it is comfortable in any weather or environment. It wicks moisture away while protecting your skin from even rigorous of training or competition The smooth surface showcases extremely fine print details of all the artwork. Each shirt is printed and sewn to order right here in the USA. Every shirt is guaranteed 100% satisfaction and always FREE returns. Average time is 6-12 days for delivery.

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